From Paris to Alsace


On Monday evening before our departure for Alsace, Bernie did a solo photography shoot and captured some gorgeous pictures of the St. Paul-St. Louis church, which is steps away from our apartment.  Notice the detail work and remember that up until two years ago, this church was totally black!image image  Then he captured some interesting street art on rue Franc Bourgeois in both full daylight and after it got dark.  These are lampshades hanging above the street which say “I love linen” or in French “J’aime le Lin.”image image

We traveled by high-speed train on Tuesday from La Gare de Lyon to Soultz, France in the Alsace region to enjoy  a few days with Bernie’s cousins, Pierre and Laurie Verdier.  It feels like home when we enter their house as everything is familiar, convenient and beautifully appointed, not to mention spotlessly clean. Such a dear friendship we have cultivated with them!image

There are new blog followers this year so just a little about Pierre and Laurie.  Laurie is a retired anesthesiologist and speaks six or seven different languages  She is my French expert!  Pierre has a PhD in geology and worked for Elf, the large oil company in France. They are both enjoying their retirement in this lovely region of France. Pierre plays golf every day, even in the snow! And he walks the course. Pierre is hard of hearing and so is his golf partner, which makes for a good pairing! Laurie enjoys reading, cooking and traveling. Her favorite countries are Japan, Iran and Korea. She is also an art expert.

Bernie and Pierre took a long morning walk which included a stop at the local market and the small town of Soultz.  Here’s a tour through Bernie’s photos.image image image

The castle of the Knights Templar is in Soultz and this painting reflects the history.

In the afternoon we drove about 30 minutes to Colmar, a lovely Alsatian city and toured Musée UnterLinden, most famous for the great masterpiece, the Isenheim Altarpiece by Grunewald and Niclaus of Haguenau. imageAlso visiting at the same time as we were was one of the candidates running for President of France, Alain Juppé who was swallowed up in a cluster of cameras.

The bald man on the right!

The bald man on the right!

Here are some shots of Colmar.  Notice the German influence as this part of France was frequently in Germany…back and forth.imageimageimage

Our lovely day ended with a dinner of foie gras, beet salad, wonderful cheeses and fresh pineapple, a very French meal that was delicious.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to visit other cousins in Baume les Dames so most likely no time for a blog.

A bientôt,

L & B