A New Discovery in Paris…Rue Cremieux

Bonjour mes amis,

We returned via train to Paris from our visit with Bernie’s cousins last evening about 8:30.  Our top speed on the TGV was 313 kilometers which is almost 200 mph!  The weather is much cooler in Paris and all was well in our apartment.

This morning demanded a trip to the grocery store which is only open on Sundays until around 1pm.  Our favorite store, the Monoprix, is not open at all on Sundays.  We ate a quick lunch in and were off to a new discovery which I saw on one of the Parisian websites I follow.  It was near the Viaduct d’Arts and very close to Gare de Lyon.  Even Bernie was shocked to find this little treasure tucked away on a side street.  The houses are all pastel colors with interesting little touches like cat curtains, art painted on the facade, beautiful planters lining the street in front of each house and interesting doorknockers.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. The very best house was painted with wisteria vines and wouldn’t you know, it came out just slightly out of focus.  I used it anyway as the featured image at the top of the blog. Remember, to enlarge the picture, click on it.  To close it, click again on the X at the bottom.  Once a few are open, you can scroll through all of them.image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Bernie has been plastered in front of the television watching Le Tour de France for the rest of the afternoon, and I ventured out to the great shopping street, Franc Bourgois here in the Marais.  The street which usually has two-way traffic becomes pedestrian on Sundays.  The shoppers were out in mass. Diane Brewer, where were you when I needed you?  I get totally overwhelmed trying to find something appropriate and affordable, but it’s fun to try.

Tonight, we welcomed Jim and Peggy Bilbro to Paris.  We had dinner together despite Jim’s warning that they might fall asleep in their wine!

image image

We were so stuffed after dinner that we went walking and Bernie tried his hand at some night shots but didn’t have his tripod.  Better shots to come!imageimage


Have a great evening,

Linda & Bernie