A Visit with the Cousins in Alsace, France

Bonsoir from Alsace,

It’s Thursday evening and we arrived yesterday for a few days with Bernie’s cousins, Pierre and Laurie Verdier.  Their home and hospitality are always so warm and enjoyable.  We took the TGV from Paris, toting our ham sandwiches for lunch.  It was an interesting ride over.  We had a chat (cat) next to us, a screaming 3-year old who did battle with her mother the entire trip and at the very end, a visit from the French customs agents who were obviously looking for someone.  It was a little surprising and I had a momentary panic of remembering when Bernie got thrown off the airplane several years ago.  Anyway, it turned out not to involve us and we were very glad!

Today our lunch was at beautiful Chateau d’Isenbourg image image image imageon top of a mountain and surrounded by vineyards.  We had a delightful four-course meal and even remembered to take a picture of the dessert.

image image

During lunch, we noticed a Bentley parked on the grounds, and Bernie had a good time investigating the car, the engine and chatting with the owner, a British man named Michael.  He was paid $1000 euros to drive the car in a rally which he certainly gladly did.

We also discovered a stork’s nest on the grounds and Bernie got a good photo for you.  It is a prevalent bird in the area.

image image image image


image image image image imageAfter a two-hour lunch, we went to Pierre’s golf club which is an old farm, charming and a good friend to him.  He plays golf almost every day and walks the 18 holes!  We even caught a blue herin there.

Then we took a long mountain drive to the top of the Vosges Mountains with gorgeous views and a temperature that was 55 degrees, much colder than in Soultz where Pierre and Laurie live.  How funny since we’ve been scorching in Paris.

An easy, light dinner after the feast for lunch and we were ready to call it a day.

More later on our visit as we will be with the cousins until Saturday.

A bientot,

Linda & Bernie