Beautiful Day in Boston on the Freedom Trail

Dear Friends,

I’m sorry that my blogging has been so sporadic, but our internet connectivity has been hit or miss. So I’m doing the best I can. Our cabin steward just stopped me in the hall to let me know that he would be bringing in our veranda furniture for tonight because the weather is supposed to be “really, really bad.” Yikes, I guess I’ll be doing a triple dose of Bonine once again. Tonight is our last night so this is disappointing. Tomorrow morning we disembark at 8:30 in New York City and prepare to head back to Alabama.

We had a beautiful weather day in Boston yesterday, and our tour included a 4-hour walk on the Freedom Trail, followed by a wonderful lunch with my friend and broker, Jeff Swett, at the Union Oyster Bar. But more on that later. I can’t begin to remember all that was shared by our fantastic guide yesterday, but will add captions when I can.

St. Phillip’s Church…A funny is that the statue of Paul Revere was reversed so that when parishoners came out of church they would be looking at the horse’s head instead of his ass! See next picture.

Famous statue of Paul Revere with the steeple of the North Church in the background. Revere didn’t become famous until much later after Longfellow wrote his poem that we all memorized…”one if by land and two if by sea.”


Dog tags for deceased veterans

Inside of the Old North Church

Facade of the Old North Church

These few photos are in the Italian section of Boston along the Freedom Trail marked by a line of red bricks.

The top floor in this new building houses the most expensive apartment in Boston, 37 million.

Samuel Adams in front of Faneuil Hall

Where angry colonists met on the eve of the Boston Tea Party to plan that fateful day.

Old South Meeting Hall

These graves are part of the Granary Burying Ground

Massachusetts State House at the top of the Boston Commons, one of the largest parks in America.

Near Quincy Market was a Halloween costume contest featuring owners and their dogs.

The Union Oyster Bar is the oldest bar/restaurant in Boston where we had lunch. We were scheduled to sit in the JFK booth, but alas, it was overtaken by a tour group. The food and company were great anyway.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the BIG DIG in Boston which started as a 3 million dollar project and finished at over 30 million. It took the freeway traffic through the heart of the city and routed it below ground in massive, vented tunnels. On the top is an extended median park called the Rose Kennedy Parkway (I think) which is lovely.  Sorry, no pics. It has greatly reduced the traffic and pollution.  According to our guide who is a native Bostonian, it was worth every penny.

I will post one more blog about today’s final outing at Newport, Rhode Island, along with a few interesting stories about the trip.

Thanks for joining us!