Beautiful Fireworks to Celebrate Those on Front Lines


The world celebrates Spring even amid the sadness and isolation we all feel. It’s a deliberate choice daily to find the good in this situation but there is one definite bright spot…Our healthcare workers in all capacities, our first responders, our firemen and police men and women.

I deliberated over how we could lift up those here and decided that nothing is more celebratory than fireworks. So join with us in saluting these dedicated folks committed to taking care of those who have COVID-19. It’s a small gesture, but let’s think of these servants throughout the weekend.

One quick update on Pierre and Laurie. They are at this moment riding a train to finally get home. Their luggage didn’t keep up with them, but they consider it a non-issue at this point. God bless them as they recover from this horrible nightmare.

These fireworks pictures are from various Bastille Days over the years. Enjoy!
L & B