Better Paris Weather and Birthday Party Preparations


The last two days in Paris have produced blue skies after rain all through the night and quite chilly temps. We have been running here and there to get all the party supplies for hosting neighbors and friends tonight in our apartment. Familiarity from multiple visits over the years has given us an advantage of where to go for what, and we are about ready! It does, however, require some creativity with presentation.

Paula and Tim gave us this lovely plant to use at the party. Cindi and Bob gave Bernie the “80” on his birthday cake. We are using both as a centerpiece. I found some unused tissue paper in the pantry and tied it with…dental floss! Also stopped at the flower shop near us and bought used rose petals for 3 euros to scatter on the dessert display of chocolat noir.

Given that one of our guests is a former caterer himself, the pressure is on to pull this off with some degree of chic, mais oui? It will be fun, regardless, and I will send photos tomorrow. Family begins arriving on Monday for the REAL birthday celebration on the 15th. Special times, indeed!

A word about a place called Picard here in Paris. For someone like me who has limited cookware and budget, etc. it provides a solution for party hors d’oeuvres. Every thing in the store is frozen…all the French delights. And very tasty. So it’s a lifesaver, and a few of their items will be on the menu tonight.

In running our errands, we captured some interesting street shots and a bit of fall color here and there. Apologies that some are out of order. Just maddening but no time to fix.

Headquarters for the Mounted Police of Paris

Last vestiges of the original Bastille prison wall very near us on Quai Celestin

Bernie says this is a Morgan

Rooftop garden on Ile St. Louis

Breaks my heart!

Saint-Merry church dating back to 1010 and known as the little Notre Dame. The rose windows are mainly missing, presumably lost during the war.

Georges Pompidou Museum which is under major renovation

Famous Place Pompidou with Saint-Merry in the background 

Christmas storefront window

Saint-Merry stained glass

Side chapel at Saint-Merry

L’Hotel de Ville dressed up for Veterans Day

The beginning of Ile St. Louis

And yesterday, we ate at a new phenomenon called Etaly. It was an experience. Etaly is a chain and has locations all over the world, but we were told that they stressed more over their location in Paris than any other because of the focus on good food and the ambiance of dining. You can see what you think from the pictures.

Etaly is a block long

The bread is served in a brown paper bag

One of the few times to get olive oil with the bread

Lasagne Bolognese

Peggy Bilbro, for you!

Etaly has a grocery store, about 5 places to eat, large cooking school, retail stores for cookware, etc., and a wine cave with bar, plus patio dining. It is on three floors.

Outside patio

If you’re ever in the Marais in Paris, Etaly is certainly worth a try!

Have to say Roll Tide as Bama faces LSU tonight. Hope you have a good weekend.

L & B