What Can Top the Café Chairs from Last Year?

Bonjour mes amis!

No, we are not in Paris yet but eagerly anticipating our thirteenth year of summer fun.  Many of you have gotten your copy of Bernie’s Paris, and we are so pleased with your feedback. God bless us as we travel into the often uneasy European stage. Many have expressed their hesitation, but rest assured that we are always alert and aware of our surroundings. We choose not to live in fear, but to enjoy life to its fullest.

I must admit that every year I ask myself (at ages 77 and 70) if this will be our last visit. Bernie and I are blessed with amazingly good health. As long as that persists, we will continue to live our dream and share it with all of you. It’s been a fairy tale.

If you were on the blog last year, you remember our quest to find unusual café chairs every day, concluding with our contest which so many of you participated in. Because it was so popular, we plan to do something similar this time. We’ve thought about several ideas:  pastries, desserts, shoes, outfits, statues, dogs, doors, green spaces, but none of these will be as prolific or as easy to photograph as the chairs. For example with desserts or shoes, generally we have to shoot through store windows and deal with reflections. Capturing clothing or shoes on people is difficult for fear of being too obvious and possibly offensive. Dogs are not unlike those in America unless the shot is truly unusual. Remember the dog sitting at the bar?

So…our idea is to post a daily “Purely Paris” photo, using a concept straight out of our book. We’ll look for those unusual, bizarre, only-in-Paris culture statements that we think you will like. It could be any of the things I just mentioned. We hope you like this idea, but if you have a better one, let us know!

We’re delighted to have you share in our visit. Please let your friends know about the blog. Though I post it on Facebook,(www.facebook.com/LindaSpallawriting) I am working to increase my blog participant numbers. You will receive an email each time I make a new post, and it will provide a direct link to the site.  This way, you won’t miss a single post. If you’re new to the blog, there is a place to offer a comment, and we love to hear from you.

Enjoy this lovely spring weather.

À bientôt,

Linda & Bernie