Cruising Ends in Amsterdam


The final stop on our Rhine River cruise was Amsterdam.  As we glided down the canal off the Rhine on Sunday morning, we loved the manicured banks, peaceful green fields,  flocks of sheep and multiple ponds where they have built the natural dykes associated with the entire area.  The darn weather was overcast and cool and required a coat.  We were so hoping for some blue skies.

We spent Sunday touring the city starting off with a canal ride through the central city, then a bus tour and finally a little free time to have a coffee and see some of the shopping areas.  Christmas is definitely in the air!  Being Sunday, we expected a mild degree of activity and boy were we wrong.  Everywhere was jammed, and traffic was horrific.  Not only do they have cars and motorcycles here but also hundreds of bicycles and the trams or streetcars.  Crossing a street is much worse here than in Paris!!  The children ride as much as 9 miles per day on their bicycles to school.  Didn’t see any obesity!  This is my fourth time to Amsterdam so it was probably my least favorite day.  If you go, a must-see is their red-light district.  The ladies are scantily dressed behind large plate-glass windows.  Naughty, alluring and overt!  Ah, that would be Amsterdam.

We will be off to Paris by train Monday morning.

It has been a very fun week, not the best weather, but a lovely riverboat, copious amounts of food, wine and good entertainment.  If you haven’t tried river cruising, we highly recommend it.  Enjoy the pictures and we’ll see you back in Paris!

A bientot,


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The Beer Bus  (Bernie's favorite).  The guys drink beer and peddle!

The Beer Bus (Bernie’s favorite). The guys drink beer and peddle!