Cruising on the St. Lawrence

Bonjour from Canada!

Bernie and I have been cruising down the St. Lawrence River and onto the Eastern seaboard for a 10-day cruise with the Burritt group. We’d love to share our photos with you. I’m very behind because if poor connectivity.

Originally, we arrived in Montreal and were greeted at the airport by an unfamiliar sight…a traditional phone booth which was a step into the past.

Our first port of call was Quebec City. What a delightful spot inside this walled city, still predominantly French despite all the years of British intervention. The weather was wonderful that first day with sunshine and mild temps.

Trompe l’oeil   Trick of the eye.

Part of the walled fortress with remaining autumn color

The main place with a statue of Louis XIV

Musicians everywhere

The break-neck steps

The funicular

Our tour included a stop at the Frontenac Hotel where we had tea.

The Elephant by Salvador Dali

Frontenac Hotel built by the railroad

Artwork inside

Samuel Champlain, the founder of Quebec City

Now that we are back in the States, I will try to catch up on our trip which has been interesting in both good and bad ways.

More later,