A Day of Special Friendship in Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

Imagine waking up early in London, catching a train across (or should I say under) the English Channel, and rushing off to a lunch rendezvous with a couple you met three years ago by chance at a tearoom in Paris. Wow! That was our day yesterday as we joined Malcolm and Antonia Alexander from London. We spent five hours together with lunch at the exquisite Baccarat Museum and showroom, then adjourning to a street café for more conversation. Theirs is a sweet love story which was recounted, and we affirmed with much bluster that our worlds in America and Britain are pretty much upside down, and who knows what the heck will happen with Megan and Harry. It was such fun, and we were so touched that they chose to devote an intense day of travel to be in our company. Perhaps later in our visit, we will drop in on them in London.

Baccarat crystal is one of the oldest and most beloved French designs of fine lead crystal in the world, also one of the most expensive. It was established in 1765 by the Bishop of Metz who wanted to encourage industry in the little village of Baccarat, some 250 miles east of Paris. The museum has changed considerably since our last visit, and they are still in the process of moving things around. It’s less of a museum now with more emphasis on being a fine dining experience at Le Cristal Room and a retail shop. We definitely had plenty of opportunity for “light-theme” photos. Hope you enjoy.

Antonia and Malcolm

Interior of Le Cristal Room

Beautiful presentation of Bernie’s fois gras standing on end with green apple slices

Linda’s green bean salad with mushrooms and egg on top

Linda’s Café Gourmand which included banana ice cream

Bernie’s tiramisu

Antonia’s Tarte tartin or what we would call apple pie

Underneath one of the chandeliers

Bernie took this one for his cousin, Diane, who will be here for the birthday celebration!

Even the hostess stand/bar was made with Baccarat crystal

Outside of the museum is a lovely park with a statue of Washington and Lafayette.

People are forever asking us for a special place to eat in Paris. This is definitely one to put on your list, but only for lunch. It’s a bit pricey but worth the treat.

Have a great Friday!

L & B

P.S. For you plant lovers reading the blog, have you ever seen a “Buddha’s Hand” or Citrus Sarcodactylis? Check out the price!! We saw this out on the street at a flower shop.