Dîner en Blanc – From Paris to North Alabama

Dear mes amis,

This is generally one of my favorite weekends of the year, watching The Masters golf tournament. This afternoon at 12:30 CBS is replaying the famous win for Phil Michelson where he played a near perfect game. I will get my golf fix that way, I suppose. It’s certainly a different set of experiences from every angle. How incredibly blessed we are, Bernie and I, to have our homes, our health, enough money to be comfortable and each other. The world is hurting so much. I hope today’s blog will give you some smiles and a lighter heart.

Dîner en Blanc began in Paris many years ago and was started by a Parisian hosting a party for friends in one of the parks. Since he knew them all but they didn’t know each other, he suggested they wear white to stand out and be noticed. That has led to a global phenomenon and lends itself to a prized group of invitees. We’ve done it here in the Decatur area and the rules are meticulous, but if the weather is good, it’s loads of fun. We’ve done one of each. It’s a rain or shine dinner in white.

We’ve run into this twice in Paris (no one knows except the select elite who are part of the club) where or when this will happen. Our first encounter was at Le Place des Vosges and the second at L’Hotel de Ville (the Paris City Hall). The first time we were just out for a stroll and thought perhaps someone was getting married. The second encounter, we knew what was happening and took off running to catch them, much to the amazement of our friends from Australia, Linda and Mark, who thought I was a bit crazy. Paris is such a great setting because most everyone can walk to the location and the “all-white”approach and the costumes are Paris perfect.


Happy Easter to all and let’s collectively pray for an end to this terrible virus and a humble wisdom to learn from it!

L& B