The Eiffel Tower…Always Magnifique

Bonjour mes amis,

I think it’s Thursday but I’ve lost all sense of where we are in any given week. Most of the relative indicators are gone unless of course, you’re working from home. Bernie and I trust that each of you is doing well and staying above water in your thoughts. Some days it’s hard to deal with the deaths on top of the isolation. But we must keep trying. There are lessons to be learned, mais oui, so we must be sure not to miss them.

My devotional today for Lent talked about fasting criticism. That’s a good one for any time but especially right now. Hold onto that thought.

So for today’s inspiration, I turn to the most visited outside structure in the world, Le Tour Eiffel or the Eiffel Tower. According to stats from 2019, there were approximately 7 million visitors.  As you approach Paris by plane, there it stands  in all of its glory announcing your entry. We have been blessed to see it in every season, from every angle, but never as it is today, isolated and empty. It symbolizes better days ahead for all of us.

Did you know that the tower was built in two years and opened in 1889 for the World’s Fair? It was despised initially by the arts community. It is painted every 7 years with 60 tons of paint using 1500 brushes, all done by hand over the period of a year. When the tower opened it was a reddish brown, then a decade later painted yellow to connote fashion and style! In more modern times, the color is referred to as “Eiffel brown” but the paint job is done in three shades, getting progressively lighter with elevation to accentuate the height.

Hope you enjoy these photos of one of our most endearing spots in all of Paris. Love getting your comments!

By the way, the photo up top was taken for our book by Peggy Bilbro, and some of the others are from Charles Gattis and my daughter, Natalie. What’s your favorite?

A bientôt,

L & B