Doing What Was Fun for Everyone in Paris


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So…(or alors as the French say), yesterday was a “do what you want to do day” and we split into pairs. Johnny and Bernie went to Les Invalides because Johnny is a Napoleon expert and war gaming enthusiast. Sharon and I went to the grande magasins or huge department stores, and Jodie and Dennis took a tour to Versailles. (Sorry, no pics from that but I’m sure Dennis Clements will post on FB). We ended our night with a special treat from Sharon and Johnny at Le Train Bleu, the beautiful restaurant in Le Gare de Lyon.

Here’s a sample of our day starting with Les Invalides where Napoleon is buried. It was originally a place where soldiers were cared for when injured or sick, thus the Invalids.

Napoleon Bonaparte at around age 35

Napoleon the III who was responsible with Haussmann for redesigning the streets of Paris.

Inside the church

Napoleon’s casket

Napoleon the II

Check out one of Johnny’s gaming figures which he hand paints for war gaming battles.

Sharon shopped for gifts for friends and bought about six scarves inside the beautiful domed Les Galeries Lafayette.

We took in the view up top and then toured their gourmet food shop across the street. Our lunch was in the beautiful brasserie at the other huge department store called Au Printemps. After a delightful lunch under their stained glass dome, we walked to the front of the great Opera House, La Palais Garnier. Sharon was much better about taking pictures so you can reference those on her FB post under Sharon Tyson.

Our evening concluded at one of our favorite dining spots, Le Train Bleu. If you’ve not seen our pics before on this blog, go to their website!  Johnny seemed to hit the jackpot with his menu selections having the lamb and then a magnifique dessert of chocolate.

Our starter of cod, like tuna fish salad.

Johnny’s lamb was carved at the table.

Bernie’s main dish or plat- fish, fennel and potatoes

Johnny’s scalloped potatoes or pommes de terres…apples from the earth

Sharon’s monk fish

Sharon in her new scarf!

Johnny is watching them carve his lamb!

The chocolate extravaganza

Sharon’s cafe gourmand

Wow… our chef’s surprise was enough Ile Flotant to truly float an island. This was one serving, and we had one for each of us! I ate about a third!


The fun shot of the day were these glasses on display at Les Galeries Lafayette.

We have been in Paris for 34 days without a drop of rain. It’s dry and dusty to say the least. I’ve gone through one sinus infection and now working on another. Oh-là-là.

Today…the Tour Eiffel!!

Have a great day,

L & B