Hope “Springs” Eternal in our Hearts

Bonjour mes amis,

I had intended for this blog to bring only hope and smiles and beautiful images to all of you. I still hope that, but it’s very hard at the present moment because of the situation with Bernie’s cousins. Writing here gives me a personal outlet for my angst so please forgive me!! The cousins are experiencing flu-like symptoms and did not get transferred over to the healthy ship. They remain on the Holland America Zaandam where four people have died. Hopefully, today they will make it through the Panama Canal. Ft. Lauderdale, it appears, has denied entry to their port; now they are trying to gain entry to Miami. If you’re a praying person, please lift up their safety throughout the day today. The Sun Sentinel newspaper has a good website with constant updates if you wish to stay abreast of the latest. As the ship approaches our shores, I’m sure media in the USA will pick up on this with more and more intensity.

We are, of course, distraught and helpless. Bernie is communicating with Pierre in French via text and email. Sixteen years ago, Bernie took me for the first time to their home. They welcomed me with open arms, took me in as family and have loved and cherished our friendship. We have laughed and cried and argued and giggled and Laurie has tried to teach me French. Not easy. We have walked together through their neighborhood many miles. They have been here to visit us and were awed by how “large” everything is here from golf courses to houses which they labeled as palaces. They marveled at places like Burritt and the Garden. No telling how many glasses of wine, how much cheese or foie gras has been consumed. All the corny jokes, the strong coffee, the trips to Berlin, to London, to Norway…all the memories which will forever make my heart sing. And many of you have shared ALL of that with us.  Yes, please pray.

Two things I must share. One is that this idea to repost Paris pictures came from a dear friend of mine, Pat O’Brien. I have known Pat since first grade. We are kindred spirits as we were both little red-haired, freckle-faced kids. We reconnected several years ago. He and his wife, Sybil are avid blog readers, and I thank him for his great suggestion.

Also a neighbor and good friend of mine, Jemelee Adams, made a poignant observation about the cafe chairs. She phoned almost immediately after the post went up to say that they are a metaphor of our times…all empty. Several of you picked up on that. I didn’t post them with that in mind, but it was a timely post given our situation.

Now, onto some beautiful pictures from Paris of flowers and gardens. I think since it’s spring everywhere in God’s world and since spring comes regardless just like God’s grace, let’s rejoice in the beauty, the predictability, the hope they represent.

Have the very best day you can. Go sit in the sun!

Much love,

L& B