The Ideal Day in Montmartre…Sun, Friends, and Fun

Bonjour mes amis,

If you’ve been on my blog for years, you know that Montmartre is my favorite spot in Paris. If you have our book, “Bernie’s Paris,” I invite you to reread the section describing my attachment to this little Eden of old Paris bliss. I worked diligently with each carefully chosen word to capture  the aura, the sense of affection for an inanimate spot, to make it come alive for you as it does for me. Even the litter seems to add ambiance. I can close my eyes and turn back time to a hundred years ago.

We wanted to take the Shory’s to Montmartre but insisted on a sunny day…and that we had. After a tour of the “I love you” wall and Le Sacre Coeur, we showed them our favorite streets, our favorite views, and finally our favorite place to eat…Chez Plumeau. 

One of the notorious mimes

The sacred heart or sacre coeur

The ceiling of the basilica is made up of individual tiles.

Bill & Michelle were much happier than they look!

Under the wisteria vines

Michelle pretending to be the fashion model we saw on the street.

Wonderful statue that many never see of the man walking through the wall.

Before leaving, we got our street scene of the day of the door to a fondue restaurant which is a baby bottle…because patrons must drink from baby bottles! Michelle had heard about this and we found it.

We left Montmartre and were off to the Musée Rodin but not before showing them the statue of Bernie’s great uncle.

Bernie and I said our goodbyes after a busy day and dragged our tired feet home. Great memories, great fun and I think the three of them played around the Eiffel Tower until midnight!  Oh to be young again.

Have a great day,

L & B