Le Bon Marche is Beautiful but not bon marche!


I had no intention of doing a blog today but decided to share our outing this afternoon. After finishing up our cleaning, we ate a light lunch, showered, and decided that we couldn’t stand the heat in our apartment for the next five hours. It was 98 today and the predicted rain for tonight isn’t going to develop, though the temps are supposed to drop.

We selected a spot we knew would be air-conditioned, Le Bon Marche which is the only large department store on the Left Bank. It also has a large epicerie or food market which is quite nice, including a wonderful lower floor filled with wines, champagne, and liquor of the highest quality. The phrase “bon marche” in French means inexpensive or a very good price. Such is not the case at this lovely store. It was actually busier than Au Printemps which surprised us. I have been there before but forgotten how lovely it is on the inside. Here’s a picture tour.

Escale le Rive Gauche or Make the Left Bank your port of call.

Beautiful understated interior

From above looking down

Bernie needs large print these days!

The shoe department

The start of the gourmet food area

This piece of salmon was 2 feet long and you see the price-123 euros.

The best foie gras you can buy for 250 euros!


How’s this for a chair?

Peggy Bilbro, these reminded me of you!

Bernie wants that big bottle at the top.

Louis XIII cognac for a mere 2750 euros!

We ended the afternoon in the beautiful Lutetia Hotel with a Chevis scotch for Bernie and a virgin Mojito for me. The bill was 42 euros! It was an expensive way to stay cool!!!

The newly rennovated Hotel Lutetia. Lutetia was the original Roman name for Paris.

The bar at the Lutetia


My daughter is on her way, in fact flying from Atlanta to New York as I write this. We will greet her in the morning about 9am at Orly. Can’t wait.

Stay tuned,

L & B