Le Dîner en Blanc, Decatur, Alabama 2018 … #1

Bonjour mes amis,

We had an awesome event last night for Le Dîner en Blanc in Decatur alongside the Tennessee River. The weather was near perfect though a bit warm at first. We felt raindrops only as we were departing on the bus at 10:15pm. The weather gods couldn’t have been nicer to us.

Le Dîner en Blanc is an international celebration that is 30 years old this year and was started by a Parisian named Francois Pasquier who just wanted to have a little garden party in his back yard. It was moved to a public park because he invited so many folks. Since they didn’t all know each other, he told them to dress in white. The rest is history. The 30th anniversary will be in Paris on June 3…we don’t arrive until June 15th. So sorry to miss our opportunity to attend the REAL THING in Paris.

If ever there’s a visual event, Le Dîner en Blanc is one, beginning with the scramble to set up, then the napkin wave to begin our meal, the sparklers to start the dancing, entertainment that was first-class, and a WONDERFUL 11-piece orchestra. We were among almost 750 attendees, which is a great first effort. Congrats to our hostesses and sponsors.

We might be too old to do this again (ha!) but we’re so glad to have been a part of an historic “first” for the state of Alabama. We join 30 other countries in 70 cities to participate in a night of elegance, friendship, and fun. I believe the pictures will tell the story and hope you enjoy them!

Le Dîner en Blanc will be an annual event so make a note to join us next year!

Linda & Bernie



The bus ride from Integraph to Decatur. No idea where we were going!

The walk and pull in 90 degree weather.

Picking up our rented table and chairs…oh-la-la

Beautiful artistic staging

All set up and ready for the napkin wave, our permission to dine!

Monsieur Verdier, the only true Frenchman around!

Our friend, Tony Porter.

Tony’s tablemate Jan Smith.

Awesome mimes on stilts

Amazing entertainment of dancers.


The fire was real, folks!


The sparklers were lit at 8pm to start the dancing.