Natalie Arrives in Paris But Three and a Half Hours Late!


My daughter Natalie graced us with her very first visit to Paris yesterday after a grueling day of travel. She got caught in a nasty storm in New York City which delayed her flight for hours, but amazingly, they didn’t cancel the flight. She was in unbelievably good spirits and just glad to finally be here with us at our apartment. We actually had quite a good day.

The temps are significantly down, and may I say a well-deserved break for us! And it rained for about five minutes this morning. Hoping for some more off and on today.

Most of these photos are hers so I will sneak them onto my blog. The last series of the chimney tops is a beautiful sequence taken by Bernie as the sun was setting last night. They unfortunately don’t capture what we saw with the naked eye. Hope you enjoy!

L & B

On the plane


Hugs and smiles

Out Natalie’s bedroom window

Our apartment

Pastries at Miss Manon

Dome of St. Paul church

St. Catherine’s Square

Part of the old Paris city wall on rue Charlemagne

Biblioteque Forney, once a nunnery now a library

The gardens behind the library

From Pont Marie

Dinner at Cafe de Flor en L‘Ile

The bar scene along the beach

The “light” of Paris is always breathtaking!