One month til Paris!

Bon jour,

In exactly one month, we will be leaving for Paris for the tenth year.  How exciting! And how blessed we are to have the financial and physical ability to do this!  This year we will celebrate Bernie’s 75th birthday.

So where is my mind these days?  Well, given that we have never gone in the fall, I’m thinking wardrobe.  How can I pack coats, scarves, sweaters, boots and fit everything into my suitcase regimen?  Yikes!  I’m already making a list, checking it twice and culling it drastically.  This activity will continue for days until I have just enough to mix and match.  Nobody knows me and nobody cares what I wear, and there is such freedom in that.

Stay tuned as I’ll be blogging along the way until our departure.

Bon SoirParis-037