Paris awaits

3-2-1…Blast off!

Here we go on our eleventh adventure.  And what a start.  At this point we have no idea if we will be able to get a taxi from Charles de Gaulle airport or not, given the recent controversy with Uber in France.  Some have asked if we can take the metro and the answer is “no.”  The metro network does not reach out that far.  There is a train but visualize the two of us with five suitcases, Bernie’s carry-on strapped around his neck, my “by-God” Paris purse strapped around my neck and trying to negotiate all the steps into and out of the train.  One has to be quick getting on and off and then there’s finding some place to store all of that luggage amid derisive stares from locals who immediately peg you as those “traveling Americans.”  Ha!

It will definitely be an adventure.  But it always is and that’s the charm of Paris.  Then there’s the new apartment for which I am totally responsible.  Insisting that I could not do all the steps in our beloved home away from home this year, I found a new spot on the same street.  I was so enamored with the lift, the view, the gorgeous bathroom, and the location, that I failed to note a few crucial things.  Totally unlike me to miss these details!  The apartment is 460 square feet…that’s tiny!  It has no dishwasher, no computer and a double bed!  Oh well, we will make do as we always have.

Stay tuned and so glad you’ve come along.  Share my blog with friends and family.  Speaking of which, love to my kids and grandkids! Bernie’s son will be joining us for ten days in August and staying at our other apartment.  Let us hear from you either by commenting directly on the web site or sending a regular email.

A bientot,

Linda & Bernie