Paris in the Autumn Sunshine


Today is gorgeous with sunshine so bright that picture-taking was challenging.  What a lovely problem to have, mais  oui?  We are surviving in our little hotel as best we can though really looking forward to moving into our usual apartment on Sunday morning!  In case you are just reading your first blog post, there was a little misunderstanding about our date of arrival with our landlady.

We had a list of tasks to accomplish today and were successful at checking all of them off our list.

–We found our new apartment in the neighborhood which we will occupy for the last two weeks of our visit while company stays in the old one.

–We got my subway pass reloaded and Bernie’s golden subway ticket keeps on working for yet another year!  o-la-la

–We made the reservation for Bernie’s 75th birthday party with no problems at Le Grand Colbert for November 7.  We negotiated a special spot that we like and the Maitre d’ kindly gave in to this request.

–We are meeting with a caterer late this afternoon to set up arrangements for the birthday reception for our Paris friends and family.

All in all a very productive day.  The temperature is warm in the sun and a bit cool in the shade.

Here are some fun photos which I will try to caption.  I’m new at this “posting” business so hope it works.

Enjoy and let us hear from you.  Remember there is a place to leave a comment on the web site.  I have to approve it and then it will appear but it is public.  Email me the regular way if you prefer.

A bientot,


The area knife sharpener walks through the neighborhood ringing his bell and if you need his services, you just come outside and bring your knives!

A Bio street fair which reminded us of Green Street Market

A Bio street fair which reminded us of Green Street Market

Couldn't resist this sign on a sunny day!

Couldn’t resist this sign on a sunny day!


This plant is called the Marant.

This plant is called the Marant.