Peninsula Hotel in Paris Plus Fashion Week


Today has all been about pictures!  Read on and you will understand.

How funny life can be on certain occasions.  We had two wonderful opportunities today to pursue fabulous pictures, and 0-la-la, would you belive that we left the apartment without the chip in our camera!  I was the last to use it so I take the official blame.

Our first jaunt this morning was to the new and very lovely Peninsula Hotel on Avenue Kleber off the traffic circle around l’Arc du Triomphe.  It was a cool, lovely morning and the brisk walk felt good despite the fact that both Bernie and I are a bit under the weather.  We dressed the role of rich Parisians so we could enter without any questions, and we were successful.  Bernie took a few pics not knowing his chip was missing.  We gave some thought to having lunch but it was too early and too pricey.

Just a word about the hotel.  It has just opened this year and was the former International Conference Center for France.  It was bought by Qatari and Chinese buyers who spent 380 million pounds renovating the building.  (Have no idea how that converts to euros!)  This is all part of a plan by France to lower their debt and includes such other actions as selling off the expensive wine in the cellars of the Elysee Presidential Palace.

The elegant bar is located in the room where Henry Kissinger signed the Vietnam Peace Accord in 1973.  Bernie took a picture of that but he was out of memory by that time!  The photos we’re sharing are off the web site.  Maybe later, we will return.

After lunch at Le Village, one of our favorites near La Madeleine, we made our way down to Place de la Concorde for a glimpse of Fashion Week in Paris.  Bernie was not thrilled but he hung in there.  We were surrounded by a throng of paparazzi waiting for either models or those beautiful people who had passes to get in.  We weren’t exactly sure.  It was quite a production as the fashionable ladies entered the top of le Jardin du Tuilleries.  The fashion shows are being held in a building called Jeu de Paume which is the museum of contemporary art built in 1861 by Napoleon III.  It originally housed indoor tennis courts and is located on the north west corner of the Tuilleries just off Place de la Concorde.  This is where we discovered that the camera chip was missing and tried to use Bernie’s phone.  The pics are not as good as his usual but certainly better than nothing!

Now tonight as I am trying to load what few picture images I have onto the web site, I discover that I should NOT have downloaded the new iOS  8 upgrade to my iPad.  It is incompatible with WORD PRESS, the web program I am using for the web site.  Who knew?

So guess what, folks!  No pictures!  Ain’t life grand?

A bientot,