Preparing for Paris on the Clock

Today is the official start of our trip to Paris for 2014.  It is the first day of acclimating our body clocks on Paris time which is seven hours ahead of us here in Alabama.  Tonight and every night before leaving, we will go to bed an hour earlier than the previous night and get up an hour earlier than the previous morning until, voila, we have shifted our system by seven hours.  This is a fairly simple way to avoid jet lag and sleepless nights in your first week in Paris.  Of course, it is not fool-proof.  But it definitely helps.

The other tip is to make sure you sleep as many hours as you can on the overnight flight across the ocean, and drink lots of water to prevent de-hydration.  I get stares and strange looks because of my many trips to the restroom.  Ask me if I care?!!

I’m discovering that our shift this time of year is much less difficult since it gets dark so much earlier now in the evenings.  Imagine going to bed at 7pm before the sun has even set, a la June!

My bags are out and I’m beginning to pack and sort and stress over wardrobe.  It’s a damnable process of paring down and then paring down some more.  I always regret not bringing something over.  The one great thing about Paris is that when no one knows you, wardrobe really doesn’t matter.  What freedom!

Stay tuned as we take you through our countdown.