Rain, Beautiful Rain for the Paris Weekend


I’m thrilled to relay that it is cool, cool, cool in Paris with the arrival of a nice rain storm late last night!  How wonderful to finally experience the Paris weather we are more accustomed to!  Bernie caught the rain shot out our window about 11 pm.  It didn’t rain nearly enough to compensate for the drought, but every little bit is appreciated!

Last evening before the storm, we ambled down rue Charlemagne to discover some interesting street art.  Paris streets are dotted by little brown poles (about 4 feet tall) which prevent cars from parking on the sidewalks.  The poles on rue Charlemagne are not brown but every color of the rainbow.  imageReally cute and there was a dad pushing his young child in a stroller teaching her the colors in French.  Also on this street at one of the local high schools is a portion of the old wall which encircled Paris in the twelth century.  It’s just a part of everyday life here functioning as a sports field but how amazing that these historical treasures are still standing!  image imageWe enjoyed a lovely dinner at Le Bourguignon du Marais.  Bernie had escargot to begin, and I had a wonderful tomato/mozzarella delight followed by some fish which we shared.image image  This spot is usually quaint and quiet but not last night!   There was a massive traffic jam right at the intersection where we were seated because of a huge, free concert at L’Hotel de Ville.  It was funny to watch the almost wrecks that somehow were avoided.  We presume that folks were trying to find parking. We walked down later amid a throng of people who had pretty much taken over the bridge and the road for picnicing.  I love how they do this and with the coperation of the security and the local French police. We were a great distance away but Bernie’s super camera caught the performer on stage.  People were having a glorious time and the wine was flowing freely.  It was so congested, we walked over to the other side of the bridge to make our way home.imageimageimage

Today (Sunday) has been a lazy day.  Our only outing was for lunch at one of our favorite classic bistros, Montparnasse 1900.  We had our first round of foie gras and it was delicious.  It rained a little during lunch and we returned by bus (which is rare for us) back to our area.

Look who sat next to us at lunch!

Look who sat next to us at lunch!

If the temps will just stay moderate, we will be happy campers!  Tomorrow night, we will have our friend Ann Jeanne over with the Bilbros for our little party which was cancelled due to the extreme heat in our apartment last week.

We understand that it is sweltering in Alabama so stay cool.

A tout a l’heure,

Linda & Bernie