Remembering Better Days In Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

Writers write during good times and bad times, sharing stories of the heart to help themselves and to bring joy, solace, and hope to others. I have decided to spend a few minutes each day to share fond memories of Paris, pulling photos from our voluminous archive. Unfortunately, unless a world miracle occurs, we will not be leaving for Paris on May 31 to spend the months of June and July. We certainly cannot complain as we have had 16 wonderful years in the City of Light.

I will group my photos around a theme for each post including things like Montmartre, cemeteries, Normandy, flowers, cafe chairs, markets, parks, neighbors, Bastille Day, fireworks, restaurants and food, birthday celebrations, Tour de France, friend and family visits, and a whole post on Bernie photos! Today, I will begin with the river Seine, which seems most appropriate as it is the soul of Paris. It is the spot we go to for rest and relaxation, to restore our own souls. I hope these photos bring you peace and perhaps a smile.

Bernie and I are doing fine, though being VERY careful given that he is 80 with a compromised immunity system because of his rheumatoid arthritis. We are tired of nothing but death, dysfunction and distancing. There will be better days.

Feel free to share this post with anyone. It will also be on FaceBook.

Blessings and safety,

L & B