Searching old memories & Making New in Wichita


Dear Friends,

Thanks for all your fun comments from yesterday’s blog. It was a hoot and glad it brought out the smiles.

Wednesday was a delightful day driving around in Wichita to find old landmarks that were long since gone, e.g. Bernie’s childhood home which is only now a concrete foundation, having been destroyed by a tornado years ago and his beloved place of employment, Gessler’s Drugs, also replaced by “progress.” Lots of laughter, a few tears,  many, many stories all enhanced by wine!

Our pics with captions will capture the day’s itinerary. Certainly nothing can compare with our Route 66 experience but hope you will enjoy our less dramatic day.

First a tour of Botanica, lovely and full of gorgeous statues. Just like Huntsville’s garden, it had the LEGO displays, a butterfly house, and even a miniature railroad.

Donor Board

Inside the Chinese Garden

Dragon wall inside the Chinese Garden made from clay pots

Donor tiles with a Chinese twist

Looked absolutely real but all done in LEGOS

Butterfly house


Miniature railroad

The art museum was across the street from the Garden and is famous for a wonderful inside cafe called The Muse. We ate lunch there (delicious) and then visited the museum all for free because Bernie was military…quite a nice surprise. They had two special exhibits…one on Light and Shadows and the other with photography from the depression era featuring Dorothea Lange among others. It was fabulous. But the real treat was a chandelier from Chihuly.

The very famous “Migrant Mother”

Made from glass beads

This is THE road, 400 West otherwise known as U.S. Route 54. We couldn’t believe it. And this is exactly what it looked like yesterday about the time we hit the blockage.

Here’s an additional and better look at the original Pizza Hut building among others.

A symbol of Wichita above the Arkansas River

Spit-shined once again

Have a grea day and thanks for coming along,

L & B