Sometimes You Just Have to Wait!

A very quick bonjour this morning,

We have to catch a train to Caen for Normandy at 7:08 so a very short summary of our day yesterday at the Eiffel Tower.

We started late on purpose to catch up on sleep and met in the apartment for brunch at 11…pretty good omelets and salad from Chez Linda’s kitchen. I could not get same-day tix for the tower so we decided just to risk it since the day was looking warm and beautiful.  And no, we didn’t fare so well, standing in line for about 2.5 hours. I got a little sunburn on my neck! However, as always, the view up top was worth it. Bernie’s camera is really the only one that can capture the distant beauty.

By the way, the Eiffel Tower is the most visited outdoor site in the world!

See the people standing on the first floor

More of the first floor platform

My shot from down below

La Defense or contemporary Paris

Le Foundation de Louis Vuitton

Arc de Triomphe

Montmartre and Le Sacre Coeur

Pont Alexandra

Cherished Notre Dame

Le Pantheon

Les Invalides

Still the original elevators

Statue of Liberty replica

We were very disappointed to see the First Floor experience greatly compromised by new construction. We were still able to have a sit-down snack, and use the restroom.

Paula just chilin’ at the Tower

We walked across to Le Trocadero and more pics.

Always the brides!

It was a long, tiring day but one more memory checked off for Paula and Tim. The not-so-great highlight was when a pigeon got me while standing in line. We carried on mightily with Shout towelettes and got it cleaned up as much as we could.

It’s cold here this morning after a storm last night so we are bundling up for our day. Have a good one yourself, and we’ll see you with some more great photos of a special place tomorrow.

L & B