Strolling for Autumn Color in a Crisp, Cool Paris


Yesterday was such a pleasant slow day for us which eventually produced autumn blue skies. As always, I’m the day planner, and we decided to metro over to rue Cler, a mostly pedestrian shopping street, for a leisurely lunch at Le Petit Cler, a great little cafe. We’ve often commented that this would be a possible area for an apartment in the future.

While there, we sat next to a lovely couple from Vancouver who had spent the last month in Africa. They were about our age or maybe a little older but fit and enthusiastic about their adventures. They highly recommended that we visit Africa, touting its beauty and the fact that most people speak English. Talk about being half way across the world from home!

We found some “light” theme photos at the Mariage Frères tearoom and made mental note to have lunch here on our next visit.

After lunch, we rode over to one of the lesser known but beautiful parks in Paris, Parc Monceau. Our mission was to hopefully find some autumn color. Bernie’s assessment was that we were a little too early yet. Here’s what we found.

A rooftop surprise!

Following that, we strolled toward the Arc du Triomphe on Avenue Hoche which was new territory for us. Then home and dinner in. 

One of the entrances to Parc Monceau

What an interesting photo this is. I took it through a plate glass window of a 5-star hotel on Avenue Hoche because of the flowers. But the reflection makes it appear to be outside! Perhaps it’s a superstar light theme photo. What do you think?

The report on street repairs is actually good because it has blocked all the traffic on busy rue St. Paul making it pretty darn quiet.

We are anticipating several highly publicized art exhibitions which are available this fall in Paris. We already have tickets for the big Leonardo da Vinci show at the Louvre and hope to also see Greco at Le Grand Palais and the madonnas at Jacque-Marc André.

Our round of birthday company begins on November 11 through the 17th. Busy, fun times. We have three different rendezvous between now and then with friends, the first of which is tomorrow with our London friends, Malcolm and Antonia. Can’t wait to see them and talk Brexit!

Have a great day!

L & B