Strolling in the Fifteenth Arrondissement of Paris


You may know that Paris is divided into twenty sections or arrondissements, each with its own mayor who answer to the overall Mayor of Paris, who by the way is female. We are in the Fourth, part of the Marais. The areas look like a snail on a map, moving in circular clock-wise rotation .

Yesterday, we decided to investigate the Fifteenth and let the day evolve as it would. It was not the best weather day with gray, ominous skies for its entirety. I had a list of a few things to find, and we headed out to discover. There was no hurry, few expectations, just the fun of spontaneity. Strolling in Paris is a real treasure!

I forgot my phone so these photos all belong to Bernie, and I will let our day evolve through the pictures. Word Press, the program I use for the blog, gets the photos out of order sometimes so I apologize for that. No time to correct. Hope you enjoy. We failed to get many light theme pics unless you count the one of the stained glass window.

Always the beautiful architecture

A touch of color

Cotton at a local flower shop

Eglise St. Jean Baptiste de Grenelle. Very simple but lovely Romanesque church

Our light photo of the day

Café du Commerce for lunch on rue de Commerce, a main shopping thoroughfare

We walked to the end of the little island with the replica of the Statue of Liberty

This is the statue commemorating the Vel d’hiv or the deportation of Jewish families from the Veledrome in 1942. Sad, sad story depicted in “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana de Rosnay. Read the book if you haven’t already. FINALLY, with this statue, the French acknowledged their collaboration with the Nazis. It kept Paris from being destroyed but what a price to pay!

The last line is poignant: “Never forget”

Commemorating the battle Of Bir Hakeim

This bride was being followed and photographed by a dozen photographers so perhaps someone well-known. On the Bir Hakeim bridge.

Truly a gray day!

Looks like Montmartre but it’s not!

Delightful little park designed to look like a whimsical woods

Parc at Trocadero in front of the Eiffel Tower

It was probably a 4-mile day which is good for the body and wards off the calories. Dinner in for the night and Bernie spent a couple of hours with his French friends in the neighborhood, his favorite!

Today, we are so excited to meet for lunch with our London friends, Malcolm and Antonia Alexander, who have ridden the EuroStar just to see us! How special. We will dine at one of the prettiest spots in Paris Le Cristal at the Baccarat Museum! Stay tuned.

Happy day,

L & B