The Sunday Weather Challenge in Paris Amid New Friends

Bonjour mes amis,

Saturday, it was beautiful and a sunny 70 degrees in Paris; Sunday, it was rainy and 48 degrees! It was a good time to rest and relax but also get a little cabin fever.

Thus we spent our day in the apartment until mid-afternoon when we had plans to link up with Sharon Tyson’s brother, Jim, and his partner, Ralph, from California. Our rendezvous time was 3pm which came and went, and we thought for sure that a problem had arisen. Alas, they simply walked right past our street, rue St. Paul, and kept on going for about ten minutes. Finally, they realized that something was wrong, doubled back, and found us!

We had already modified our plan to walk around the Marais because of the weather and opted to take them somewhere they had not been (they are frequent travelers to Paris). The Musée Des Arts Et Métiers is in the third arrondissement so just a couple of metro stops away. It is a treasure showcasing the history of scientific instruments, energy, mechanics, communication, construction, transport and housing Foucault’s pendulum and Blériot’s plane. The hour and a half we had allotted was not nearly enough time to see all the exhibits. Hopefully, they can revisit another time.

We took them back to our apartment for a brief visit over wine and then off to dinner at Le Flore on L’Ile, next to the river. We had a nice stroll around Notre Dame and along the river afterward but it was a bit crisp by 9:30! We so enjoyed their pleasant company, getting to hear some of their life stories and appreciating how travel-savvy they are.

It was not a great day for pictures as you can imagine so here’s a few of the museum and our time together. No real light photos today as it was truly a day without light!

First color TV in 1960. Compare the thickness to today’s televisions

Telstar satellite

Test version of a lunar rover

Jim on the right, Ralph on the left in our apartment enjoying some Cotes des Rhône, Bernie’s favorite red wine. It cost under six euros!

Dinner together (Another bad hair day for Linda!)

The featured image at the top of the blog is one we have used before as a light photo so we’ll cheat and use it again but appropriately it’s the subway entrance for the museum.

And here’s an update on the road closure outside our window. Interesting to watch how the cobblestones are reset. The final phase will be some new asphalt. No news yet on repairs at the Lavamatic!!

Have a great Monday,

L & B