The Triads Reunion

Dear Friends,

Once in a while, life hands us an opportunity to step outside our present reality and see scenes from the past which are rich and enlightening treasures. Such was the last three days for me at a special reunion.

If you have read my latest book “Bernie’s Paris,” you may remember a quick reference to Bernie’s participation in a singing group called The Triads when he was in college. These guys were the closest of friends and have gotten together occasionally over the years. The third reunion was here in Huntsville at Bernie’s home over the last several days. Though it may have been raining miserably outside, it was warm and full of laughter and cheer among these friends and their spouses on the inside.

I had the pleasure of stepping into this nostalgia to confirm some things I  already knew.  First, I knew that Bernie was a good guy but now I see it in a much deeper fashion…he’s always been a good guy, a leader, a great friend, a master organizer, a hard worker, a peacemaker, and one who relished a good time with a glass of wine in his hand!

Fred and Beverly Mayer are from Indiana, and Fred was the tenor and guitar player – the one in the middle. Marlyn and Monica Eshelman are still in Kansas and Marlyn was the mid-range guy. Bernie was the bass. Their most significant claim to fame was to open for The Christy Minstrals back in 1963. Their  “sound” was close to The Kingston Trio.

Fred presented his friends with a special gift. He had taken a reel-to-reel tape of their singing and had it digitized onto a CD which we listened to over and over again. What a hoot!  Here’s to their strong ties, deep friendship and love of life.

Enjoy the photos! The featured image at the top is from college days and graced the front of the CD (Bernie on the right).

We will be leaving for Paris toward the end of this month and look forward to sharing another year of Paris with you.


Linda & Bernie



How low can you go, Bernie?

The Triads turned astronauts at the Space & Rocket Center