Waiting, Waiting, Waiting and a Happy 4th from Paris

Good Thursday morning,

How could I forget yesterday to say Happy Fourth of July?! I hope your celebrations were festive, the food delicious, and all your cook-outs not too hot. The temps have cooled here just a little but still no rain.

I have two pieces of great news. We just got the call from Air France that my luggage should arrive today between 11 and 2pm. What a project this has been, but I’m indeed grateful to retrieve all of my belongings. AND my heart is full as I share that my daughter, Natalie, is coming over for a visit the last week we are here! I have so much wanted to share Paris with her while we are still able to make the trip. She initiated this and is equally excited. Her children are just at the wrong age in her opinion to come as a family so at least she and I and Bernie can create lasting memories which I hope she will cherish. She arrives on August 8th for 7 days. The ticket is bought!

Today is cleaning and laundry day. Even in the delight of Paris, “stuff” still has to be done. Certainly not my favorite day, but we have our system down and need to stay close by for the luggage delivery anyway.

Yesterday, our plan was to eat out for lunch and eat in for dinner. We took the recommendation of our friend Carolyn Barnabo and tried a new place called Le Hangar which is close to us in the third arrondissement near the Pompidou museum. It was simply delicious, and we took note that the inside is air-conditioned. It’s a bit pricey but worth every euro. It is situated on an “impasse” or dead end street which opens into a beautiful garden, “Jardin Anne Frank.” Hope you enjoy the pics.

This spot is quaint, quiet, shady and so very Parisian.

My starter or entree was avocado gazpacho.

Bernie’s green bean salad

I was very bold and got the seared foie gras on mashed potatoes. Oh-là-là! It was delicious, and Bernie had to help me eat it. Absolutely, no calories.

Bernie had the beef stroganoff with something equivalent to home-made tator-tots.

This area is the main Jewish district of Paris so an appropriate park to find tucked away.

Lavender which was FULL of bees.

Does anyone know what this tree is?

This area is most definitely the Gay district.

Bernie thought the name of the cafe was hilarious…bulldog.

Cafe chairs still entice me!

Typical street in the fabulous Marais…why we love it so.

It was hard to pick the best “street scene” shot of the day but I have chosen this one. What say you?

This guy dressed all in white had the longest legs I’d ever seen. It was more dramatic from the front, but couldn’t get that discreetly.

Enjoy your day,

L & B