A Week of Gorgeous Weather in Paris with the Shory’s


Yesterday was our final day with the Shory’s who by the way are currently in Louisville, Kentucky. Bill is the news director for WAVE-TV, and Michelle teaches English as a second language. He and Michelle are wonderful parents to their extraordinary daughter, Isabella, who has captured our hearts. We are all tired from many, many steps (I slept until 8:30 this morning!) but filled with joy at having spent time together building memories. Izzy is a writer, a reader, a playwright, a comic, and just a heck of a cute kid. They are off to London today on the EuroStar, the fast train which goes under the English Channel and often referred to as The Chunnel. They didn’t really want to leave Paris.

We joined them yesterday at their hotel, and after a trip up L’Arc de Triomphe for them, we went in pursuit of two restaurants that Izzy had found on the internet for a school project she prepared last year. Both were in the Les Halles area. We had lunch at one called Champeaux right next to the new Foum de Halles canopy. Great choice. Then dessert at the other which you see here in the photo.

That put us on what we call the “food street,” rue Montorgueil or something close. Fabulous area of Paris. Check it out on your next visit. I spent hours looking at apartments in this area potentially for next year only to find that most were studios of less than 500 square feet. Not to our liking!

Here is the gorgeous newly-cleaned Eglise St. Eustache.

Isabella and Bill dancing in the midst in front of the church adjacent to our lunch restaurant.

We were off next to Luxembourg Gardens using Isabella’s scavenger hunt book. Enjoy the tour and all the statues which she had to find.

We concluded our week with dinner at Café de L’Homme snuggled against the Eiffel Tower. What a way to finish…enjoy the pics.

Izzy tied her own scarf!

Izzy’s first attempt at escargot! She’s so brave for a nine-year old.

And might I mention that Bill tied his own bow tie!!

I’m back to horrible issues getting this post ready…it’s taken hours. I’ve decided that it’s related to a very erratic internet connection. Maddening!

Have a good weekend,

L & B