What’s Wrong With These Pictures of Le Tour?

So…how observant were you? Did you figure it out?

These photos are not from yesterday’s Tour final but rather from 2016. It was raining!

Our total plan was foiled yesterday due to new security issues. We’ve probably been to this final day of the tour ten times over the years and always the same three subway stations were closed on Line 1: Tuileries, Concorde, Champs Elysees/Clemenceau. Access to all the others was available. With that as our standard, we got on Line 1 a little before 2pm with the intent of getting our usual spot near Louis Vuitton only to discover that everything from the Louvre to Charles de Gaulle was closed! Since the tour was coming in past the Eiffel Tower, we couldn’t get anywhere close to that side of the street without having to walk 2-3 miles entering and leaving. So we doubled back and retreated to the television in our apartment. What a bummer, but were treated to some gorgeous aerial shots coming into the city which we would have never seen otherwise. I’ve said it before and worth repeating, “If you really want a glorious tour of both France and Paris, watch Le Tour. They do an amazing job highlighting the areas.

So a bit of disappointment for us but not terribly so. These photos capture the spirit of what you see at the parade and the final Peleton or gaggle of cyclists as they zip by.

We’re wishing for some more rain to keep the dust down. The weather has been good over the weekend but temps are set to rise.

We tried out a new Italian restaurant last night in the area called Fixia and had this delightful Café Gourmand. That’s going to be my theme next year…as many different Café Gourmands as we can relish!!

Street shots of the day from an after-dinner stroll were these:

The backside of the beautiful St. Paul Church

Dancing under Pont Marie

This morning, we’re having breakfast with a dear Paris friend, Ann Jeanne, who connected years ago through my blog and helped us last year with some wonderful photography. She also edited our book for all the French. By the way, if you haven’t read, “Bernie’s Paris,” it’s available on Amazon. If you’re coming to Paris, Ann conducts individualized tours, and you can find her at www.afriendinParis.com.

Have a great week,

L & B