Dismal Paris Changes into a Gorgeous Thursday


What a delightful day we had yesterday…full of surprises for me. And we’re about ready at 5:30am to be out the door to greet our next guests at the airport. As it’s working out, we’re hoping to relay some different interactions on the blog from those of the Ludwigs. It looks like we may have a very nice weekend, weather-wise.

First, I had to return a purchase on Les Champs, and we were able to capture some mid-morning light.

Large cranes putting up Christmas lights

Bernie said I really should see the new Apple Store to which I said, “Really?” Wow! He and Bob saw it while we gals were shopping. This piece of real estate used to be a quintessential apartment building with a Western store on the ground floor. Apple spent two years renovating it and developing something with modern technology in a beautiful historic setting. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Check out this web site for a full description of the store’s interior.  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dezeen.com/2018/11/19/champs-elysees-apple-store-foster-partners-designed-store-paris-interior-courtyard/amp/

The entry colonnade

Just a resting spot

A class in session

Yes, this is the largest television screen I’ve even seen

Bernie’s great camera was able to shoot through the glass openings in the ceiling

Bernie’s eye caught this image of the classically beautiful stair bannister compared to the modern sleek brass one.

Looking down the stairs from the fifth floor

Yes, all of this is from the Apple Store which was probably full of several hundred people. It felt almost empty because it is massive. A must see!

I read a favorite blog on Tuesday called “Secrets of Paris.” Highly recommend it. There was a write-up about a place we didn’t know called La Mouette Rieuse on bis rue Pavée. It’s a bookstore which we have passed so many times going to La Poste to mail something. It houses a hidden secret, a unique petite café in the rear. The charming hostess and server named Lily explained the philosophy of the café. They serve small, fresh dishes made from the very best products. The plat du jour that Bernie enjoyed was made with beef sausage driven in daily from a man in Normandy! It was all delicious, affordable and oh, the coffee! It’s roasted and delivered especially for them! We plan to try their weekend brunch with Paula and Tim if they’re game. 

Bernie’s plat du jour or special of the day

Linda’s spinach quiche with quinoa and salad

We concluded our outing with a walk through the Jewish area along rue des rosiers. It was hopping with activity, and the lines were long for the traditional fallafel.


So, we’re off for the train to CDG to say, “Bienvenue” to Paula and Tim. Fun days ahead.

L & B