An Early, All-Smiles Entrance for the Steigerwald’s

Bonjour mes amis,

Round two of Huntsville company began yesterday very early in the day. Paula and Tim landed at CDG at 6:08am, and we were there at 6:35 to greet them. Of course, they were excited but also pretty exhausted and in that arrival-zone hinterland after a flip-flop to their body clocks. 

But that didn’t stop their enthusiasm and joy at finally being in Paris. They were troopers and made it to 2pm (an adamant check-in time at the hotel) and a nap, shower, and nestling into their small but hopefully efficient hotel room. They were awed by the beautiful Parisian architecture and realized that weather will always be the fickle member of the equation. Though we had a sunshine morning, it was still quite cool when the wind blew. We showed them around our area, and they especially loved the St. Paul/St. Louis Catholic Church right next to us. Tim plans to attend morning mass there when he can.

Dinner was across the river onto the islands at one of our favorite cafés and a look all around Notre Dame. It stops me cold every time I see the empty skyline where the spire of Notre Dame is supposed to be. I will never get used to the sense of abandonment and sadness it creates. The evening seemed to get warmer as it got later, and we enjoyed the time outside.

Enjoy all the night shots, the light shots, the people shots. Just a fun day!!

Gorgeous light reflections

Light images of old and new

Still young enough to be silly

Light shadows on Ile St. Louis


This is Police Headquarters for the city of Paris where the ceremony was held two days ago for the policemen who were killed inside by a fellow employee. Of course, the colors represent the French flag, Bleu, blanc, rouge (Blue, White, Red)

L’Hotel de Ville at night, the Paris City Hall

Today was Tim and Paula’s free day, and we hit the ground running tomorrow and Sunday since they are supposed to be sunshine days in the upper 60’s and 70’s. We’ll make good use of that outside opportunity by doing two gardens Paula especially wants to see on Saturday. Sunday will be a day at Montmartre beginning with mass at the Sacre Coeur.

This fun poster was spotted by Tim around our area, and since I’m a big Alabama fan, here’s a “Roll Tide!” 

Also caught a touch of fall color in the courtyard of our apartment.

Glad to see that Alabama has gotten relief from the high temps! Enjoy your weekend.

L & B