Fall Preview of Paris

Paris in the fall will be all new for us and I’m hyperventilating a little as I think ahead.  There will be no Paris Plages (beach), no long days with strolls at 9pm, no twirling Ferris Wheel in the Tuilleries, no cherries at the fruit stands, no Tour de France, no fireworks on Bastille Day.  Ugh!

So what will Paris be like in the fall?  Perhaps an even better taste of gorgeous light against the blue sky of autum?  Perhaps the vibrant changing leaves?  Roasted chestnuts sold on street corners?  Maybe even some Christmas lights as we head into November?

Wow, I just don’t know but whatever it is we’ll share it all with you from September 10 to November 11.  AND during this time we will celebrate Bernie’s 75th birthday with his family and friends.

It’s hard not to get excited, oui?

If you’ve ever been to Paris in the fall, please share a comment.  We’d love to hear your impressions.


Linda & Bernieimage