Adrift at Sea No More – Pierre & Laurie Back to France

Bonjour mes amis,

I received an email from Pierre this morning saying they will make it off the Zaandam to the airport for a plane to France. We don’t know the timeline whether that means today or tomorrow, but at least they are soon off that death ship! He mentioned that it would be “harsh” getting to their actual home in Soultz. We are unaware of what public transportation is like in France, but I would assume that everything is shut down, trains, Metro, taxis, etc. Perhaps, they can charter a plane or rent a car. The closest airport to them is Bazel, Switzerland, then a car ride. For sure, their journey is not over, but perhaps the scariest part is behind them.You will never know how much we appreciate all the kind words, texts, emails, and prayers. This damnable virus will likely strike every single one of us close to home…unfortunately.

I started wearing my mask which I ordered months ago to the grocery store today and to pick up a plant order. For those gardeners out there, Earth Touch on Whitesburg is closing for the pandemic and today and tomorrow have most of their plants 50% off. Be forewarned, there is a line to get in. Also, if you need a cloth mask, my friend Belinda Kennedy at Alabama Flag on Governors is mass producing them, trying to keep her employees working. Some have been sewing for her for 20 years.

So, what more appropriate way to celebrate Pierre and Laurie’s freedom than to post the pics we have over the years. I know you don’t know them as we do, but it seems the honorable thing to do. Sadly, after 16 years, some have been deleted because of space but here are some special ones.

Please stay safe, stay home and let’s beat this horrible monster.

L & B

Laurie’s beautiful and bountiful table in Soultz