From Alsace to Bavaria and the Danube


Wow, we’ve had a very busy few days!

We enjoyed a quick day trip to Baume les Domes, home to Bernie’s other cousins, Jean-Paul and Marie Josée who are now in their golden years.  As always, we had a special time and fantastic lunch with them and their daughter Muriel.  Josée makes her own marvelous fois gras and that was the start to our delicious lunch. Jean-Paul is dealing with some health issues which made this trip even more special.  Over the years, we have shared great memories together.image

Our time in Soultz came to an end on Friday morning with Pierre and Laurie who graciously agreed to drive us into Germany to link up with our riverboat cruise near Nuremberg.  We left at 8am and arrived in Wurtzburg about noon where we had lunch and took in the scenic town. Here are a few pictures. The churches were everywhere, the weather was gorgeous, and our time was short. I’m afraid I didn’t do a great job getting the names of everything, but hopefully you can get a little taste of the area.image

Sorry, the rest of the pics would not load.

After some GPS confusion, we arrived at our riverboat around 5pm just as the bus with the rest of the Huntsville travelers was arriving. How can we ever thank Pierre and Laurie for their kindness.  Our favorite phrase together is “C’est complique”  or “It’s complicated.” This is pretty much the signature byline for getting by in France. It produces many laughs between us. L’anne prochaine…next year!

Our first day on the cruise found us in Nuremburg, a city that was 90% destroyed in WWII but rebuilt by the Marshall Plan.  Then today we are in Regensburg, a city that was not touched in the war.  Bernie has taken 500 pictures, but I’m afraid that I cannot share them as the internet is pitifully weak and SLOW on the riverboat.  It has taken two days to get this blog to load.

We are lucky so far with beautiful weather, delicious food, and a gorgeous boat.  Unfortunately, two couples in our Burritt group have yet to receive their luggage and went to the captain’s dinner last night in their bath robes!

This may be it for a while as far as blogging is concerned unless our internet situation improves drastically.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

L & B