A Cooler Fall Trip to Paris Awaits for 2019


What a glorious day to be alive! It’s reminiscent of a beautiful Parisian afternoon and evening which is what prompted me to send out a quick blog.

Certainly, like many of you, we were devastated to watch the engulfing flames atop Notre Dame last week. I gasped in horror and disbelief as the spire toppled into the roaring fire. Tears, angst, sadness, memories, questions…all compressed in a moment of loss for the entire world. It will be quite different for us this year as the walkways and parks and bridges around the stately “lady” are our passageway to the Left Bank. Hopefully, by the time we arrive in mid-September, they will have made significant progress in opening up some of the streets. I feel such sadness for the tiny shops, cafés and restaurants which thrive from the tourist mobs. Hotel Dieu is a busy hospital within steps of the church. I think they will have to maintain access to it and  also to  Saint Chapelle. Certainly, we’ll be your eyes and ears and report back daily on what we find.

Our trip this year will be almost 3 months, and we’ll bring you some special delights: Bernie’s 80th birthday and the Christmas lights,  a first for us!  Many friends and family members will be coming over so look forward to some fun photos and lots of energy. You know that I try to do a series of themed photos daily so if you have a creative idea, send it along. Nothing has ever come close to the café chairs.  Remember?

We’ll be home in time for a few weeks of Christmas preparation and family celebrations.

Finally, if you discover that you’re not getting my blogs, it’s probably because your email has changed over the years. Just go to www.lindaspalla.com, scroll down, click subscribe and follow the directions. You will have to confirm your subscription. Sometimes that goes into your Junk file so check there. I also always repost every blog on FB.

So…until we meet again, have a wonderful summer!