A Final Pandemic Post on Friendships in Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

Thanks for joining us through this very strange and scary journey over the past ten weeks. Bernie and I are doing well but have decided to allow several weeks to pass before we go out and see what happens in Alabama with COVID-19 spread. Our cases go up every day but onward we march. We are carefully wearing masks and in some cases gloves depending on where we are. City government did open up enough for Bernie to get his car tag and title for the new Tesla. He was most impressed with their process and felt very safe.

May 31 was to be our departure date for Paris so, of course, we will be sad on that day. However, it’s just not the year to travel abroad. We will drink a Kir Royale on that evening to toast so many years of delight in Paris. If cases stay down, we will spend a week in June at Bernie’s timeshare on Satellite Beach, near Cocoa Beach, Florida.

I must give a shout-out to our friend, Carolyn Barnabo Roberts who lives on the English sea coast. Earlier this week, she fell and broke her patella followed by surgery. Those who remember know that I did the very same thing five years ago. Recovery is a long journey, but if you take it slowly, life will return to 98% of what it was before!!  All the best to Carolyn and her sweet caregiver, Clive.

I have selected for this last post a glimpse into some of our most cherished experiences in Paris. . . all the visitors we’ve had. Some of the photos have been deleted over the years so if I’ve missed you, I apologize. Years of memories with so many of you enrich us every day, and we cherish your friendships. I will try to caption these so you will know who’s who. The photos never load like I want them to but you’ll get the idea.

Love to each of you and blessings to our country during this most challenging time. History will have a field day sorting this situation out! Bernie and I have very definite opinions on this but we’ve tried to keep this blog away from politics. We pray for unity, for even-handedness, empathy, integrity, and a move away from the tribalism and hatefulness that has so engulfed our country. We’re old enough to remember better days. Let’s hope they return!

A bientôt

L & B

First up are the Ludwigs.

Luxembourg Gardens

Who are these two pretending to be models?

At Montmartre at the Man Walking through the Wall statue.

Dinner at Le Grand Colbert

Cindi and Bob Ludwig joined us for almost two weeks of fun! Cindi is sporting the new coat she bought.

Our most unusual meal at Le Mosque!

Paula and Tim Steigerwald joined us for 10 days, for Tim’s first trip abroad.

Malcom and Antonia, our London friends whom we see every year. We are eating at the fabulous restaurant inside the Baccarat museum.

Sharon Tyson’s brother Jim and his partner Ralph.

Charles and Judy Gattis have visited several times. This is dinner in the Marais

The brothers, Steve in the middle and Bill.


The Owens on top of Les Galeries Lafayette. It was their first trip to Paris. Like us they had to sadly cancel their spring trip this year.

The Owens in Luxembourg Gardens

Sharon and Johnny Tyson visited along with Dennis and Jodie Clements. We had two weeks of laughter, calories, and perfect weather.

Johnny and Sharon at Normandy

An unforgettable memory of the the day France won the World Cup in soccer. Festivity in the streets. Johnny right in the middle of it. DO you see him?

Jodie showing off at the Bastille market!

Leaving for our boat cruise and fireworks on Bastille Day

Our view at Montmartre

Eating lunch at Chez Plumeau at Montmartre

St. Paul subway station in our neighborhood

Is that Jodie showing off again at Louis Vuitton? The coat was like 25,000 euros.

Michelle, Bill and Isabella Shory from Kentucky

What a pose at the Luxembourg Gardens

The biggest eclair you’ve ever seen!

A delightful meal at Cafe Marly.

Those eyes!

Yep, our spot at Montmartre

The hat!

On the train to Normandy

Glass floor at the Eiffel Tower

At the Louvre

My son and family during one of the heat waves in Paris! Oh-la-la

Brooke, Debbie Dryer’s daughter

Bernie’s son, James

My daughter, Natalie, joined us for a week of perfect delight. It was her first trip abroad.

Next to me, my only remaining photo of Jeanie Thompson, many years ago. She has visited multiple times.

Jan & Tony for fabulous lunch at Jules Verne, our only time to eat there, thanks to them!

Jan Smith and Tony Porter at Le Tour D’Argent for dinner

Marie and Joe Newberry for a one-day visit