Memories of Le Tour de France Finale in Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

It occurs to me that I’m not doing nearly as good a job as some of my fellow bloggers who are sharing a new post every day. Shame on me. Some days are harder than others. Here are some daily Paris-related blogs you might enjoy: Eye Prefer Paris from Richard Nahem who is an American living in Paris, My Sydney/Paris Life crafted creatively by Carolyn Barnabo who is locked down in England, and A Friend in Paris by Ann Jeanne, a native Parisian who lives in Paris full-time and is posting fascinating photos on FB of an empty Paris. (And yes, I’ve forgotten how to make a live link on my blogging program, Word Press. Any help would be appreciated!!!)

Today, for all of our pleasure, let’s revisit the finale of Le Tour de France on Les Champs Elysées in Paris. It is held on the last day of the tour, always a Sunday and usually hits towards the end of July. The first time you experience anything is the best, and these photos represent our initial time to stand in awe in this raucous party of enthusiasts from all over the world . Those were the days of rooting innocently for Lance Armstrong with our American flag in hand. So much for that! Regardless, these are great memories. What you’re about to see is mostly from the pre-parade which is a hoot. It occurs about 45 minutes before the cyclists arrive who whiz by so quickly and loudly as they pound the uneven cobblestoned surface of the Champs. Those pics are not very interesting (kind of like photos of a whale-watching cruise!) but hopefully these of the parade will bring some smiles.

We would have been leaving Paris this year on the day of this big celebration. I seriously doubt that the race will even be held. Any information on that from anyone?

Bernie and I are doing very well, eating in, still cooking, and thankful for our blessings. We trust the same is true for you!

L & B