Mondays in Paris


Mondays in Paris are always a calmer, slower version of the rest of the week.  Many shops and restaurants are closed and with the advent of vacation time (late July through August), it is even more noticably sedate.  Our area, the Marais, is where many Parisians live and work. There are still hoardes of tourists but the locals are dispersing.

Since weather has been such a topic(!), it is moderately warm but nothing as before. We can handle mid-80’s. Rain is still a precious commodity and hopefully more is on the way.  This has by far been the driest run of weeks that we have ever had in Paris.

Our day was slow and easy with the focus on a little gathering for the Bilbro’s and our friend Ann Jeanne here in Paris.  I served an array of hors d’oeuvres including whole garlic cloves with capers, pretzels, cherry tomatoes, saucisson (sausage), and black olives.  My assortment of dishes here in the apartment is rather pitiful but we made do and the commarderie trumped the finery for sure. Ann came bearing wonderful Pierre Herme macarons and a lovely bottle of champagne.  She is so delightful and we find her English quite good and her opionions and observations so interesting.  For example, she shared that she thinks the English language is so much more beautiful than French!  She loves to speak it and is gaining more and more confidence.  She will be leaving soon for her vacance and we wish her a restful time.image230

Many ask if you can have bad food in Paris and the answer is of course, “Yes!”  The Bilbros and Bernie and I went to what has been a favorite restaurant called Tresor after our gathering.  We discovered that it was under renovation and all seating was outside and in combination with the restaurant next door.  It was not the usual menu and not what we were expecting given past visits.  However, Jim managed to hit the jackpot with his Tiramisu.  I call him the Dessert Man of Paris!

A disappointing dinner at Tresor but a good time anyway!

A disappointing dinner at Tresor but a good time anyway!

Enjoy the pics.   Bernie caught a great shot of the beautiful light against the building and chimney pots while we were dining.  And another great shot two nights ago of the Notre Dame gargoyles.image image image image

Best to all,

Linda & Bernie