Preparing for Paris, Chapter 2

Our preparations for Paris continue!  What might you ask does this entail?

  • stopping the newspaper
  • dealing with mail delivery
  • finding someone to take care of house plants
  • getting an updated car tag
  • securing symphony tickets so others can use them.
  • calling all credit card companies with travel dates so that our cards will not be rejected
  • having copies of all important documents and those damnable passwords to everything

Then come the really important decisions like which shoes to take, which scarves go with which outfits, which jewelry to take and which dressy clothes for special nights out.

Last night bedtime was 8:45pm and awake time was 3am as I continue to try to shift my body clock to prepare for the 7-hour difference in time.   You pay the price a little here instead of after you arrive in Paris.  Tres bien!

Tuesday night we had dinner with our first set of guests coming over, Charles & Judy Gattis who have been my friends since 1969!  They have never been to Paris so you can imagine their excitement.  We were trying to prepare them for the peculiarities of our  apartment.  One of which is the infamous iron that we have to use.  Here’s a pic along with others from the apartment.  Hope you enjoy!

image image image