Rocking and Rolling on the Atlantic cruise

Dear Friends,

I posted some of these pictures  on Facebook, but for those who aren’t on FB, here’s another rendition.

We loved the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia and especially Peggy’s Cove, which is a tiny but scenic fishing village about thirty minutes from downtown. History abounds in this area for several reasons:

1. The victims of the Titanic disaster were laid to rest near Halifax.

2. In 1917, two ships collided in the harbor, one loaded with munitions, and the blast and resulting shock wave destroyed much of the city.

3. On 9/11, the planes which were forced out of the sky all over the USA were diverted to a site near Peggy’s Cove, and each year a special commenorative ceremony is held. The local people were incredibly kind to those trapped without their luggage in this terrible situation.  Our fantastic tour guide shared some touching stories.

One of the oldest light houses in the area

It was VERY windy but not terribly cold, thank goodness.

The modern lobsters traps are metal but you can still see the older wooden ones with the rounded tops.

The cove of Peggy’s Cove…quaint and lovely.

The homes are different pastel colors

Rough coast line with huge granite stones

The city tour of Halifax included the Maritime museum with great info on the Titanic and the explosion of 1917. We toured their downtown city garden with fall color and still-blooming flowers and then went up to The Citadel, an old fort which is one of the most visited sites in Canada.

The band stand which has hosted Queen Elizabeth

This replica of the Titanic weighs 400 pounds

This is the at-rest position for the guards at the Citidel, the fort which sits on top of the city.

Changing of the guard

If you don’t get motion sick, you won’t appreciate this paragraph. Last night’s sea was the roughest I’ve ever experienced. Bernie said that once or twice he thought he was going to roll off the bed. I was pumped with enough medicine for three people, and it did me well. We could barely walk and many were ill. As a result of all of this, we were not able to go to Saint John’s and the Bay of Fundy and were mightily disappointed that we were diverted to Portland, Maine instead of Bar Harbor:(:(

If that’s not enough to frustrate the trip, try having a toilet in your stateroom that is dysfunctional for about 16 hours. Ouch!! But we survived and have a beautiful day docked in Portland.

Tomorrow, hopefully, is Boston if the weather holds up. There are concerns that we could have another storm. Darn!!! But the food is great, the coffee is rich and dark and a nice veranda beckons us to take in today’s sun.

We’ll keep you posted.

L & B