Something New in Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe


It’s Wednesday morning in Paris, and we have a new experience to share with you. We have tried on several occasions to visit the Institute of the Arab World which is directly across the river from us. It has been under restoration, but yesterday, we found it open. It is not a museum about the Muslim faith, but rather a total look at the Arab world. Bernie lived and worked for two years in Jordan, 1977-79, and is always interested in relating back to that unique experience.

The relics were as much about Judaism and early Christianity as they were about the Muslim faith. We were disappointed overall in the museum but glad that we have finally seen it. It’s a huge, very modern building with lots of wasted space. However, the terrace view on the top floor was magnificent and made the visit worth our time and investment. Bernie got some panoramic shots of the islands of Paris. It’s hard to imagine “islands” if you haven’t been here, but these photos will help with that.

Notre Dame

The Bastille monument from this perspective

Even a distant peek at Montmartre

The glorious chimney pots.

A magnificent panoramic

Our walk back home produced some interesting pictures of Parisians enjoying the fabulous weather.

Surely this is the “Purely Paris” Photo of the Day!

The point in the river where all the sightseeing boats turn around

More sunbathers

Earlier in the day, we went back in pursuit of the park we couldn’t find on Monday only to discover that we had indeed found it, just didn’t realize it. We were put off by a sign that read Private Residence.

The rest of the sign reads that pedestrians are authorized to use the garden when it’s open. So we did. The roses are very much past their prime but you can see beyond the immediate to how lovely they were a month or so ago. This little spot is hidden away and used for weddings and parties in the spring.

Can anyone identify this flower?

This is quite a rose bush vine!

This was a fashion shoot with a male model going on in the park, which we shot discreetly.

Our lunch consisted of another new but disappointing venture at the popular “Breakfast in America” Café.  The omelet was one of the worst we’ve had in Paris. I think they are more noted for the huge servings of pancakes and French toast which we generally avoid. The owner has become quite famous with his bestselling book so he must be doing something right. Oh well, we’ve been there and done that now.

Only two days until my two grandchildren arrive, ages 13 and 10. I am beyond excited to show them Bernie’s hometown.

Andrew on the extreme left and Avery on the extreme right, all sporting their Euro Cup 2016 soccer shirts. The other two little munchkins are Carson and James. I dedicated “Bernie’s Paris” to all of them!

That’s it for now. Have a bonne journée (good day)!

L & B