A Hot, Hot, Hot Day in Paris


A quick hello this morning before we head off to Normandy via train/rental car for another hot, hot, day in France. It’s supposed to go up to almost 90 today!

Our agenda was full yesterday as we zipped around to places on the list of “must-see’s” for the family. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

We began our morning at the Sunday market at the Bastille. We’ve shared so many photos of this so tried to find some things we had never seen before.

Andrew plays first-chair trombone for his middle school band and was fascinated with this group.

Beautiful mushrooms

Even Bernie had never seen green and red cheese. We tasted samples of each, interesting but good.

Next stop-the lovely church of St. Sulpice on the Left Bank, the center of Dan Brown’s De Vinci Code.

We arrived just as the service was ending and got to hear what is acclaimed to be the most magnificent organ in Paris.

Glorious light from the dome of the church

Then we were off to the Luxembourg Gardens, beautiful as always but very, very hot.

Bernie being Bernie!

Beside the Medici fountain

After a rest from the heat, we snacked in the apartment and took a spin down the Champs as well as a jaunt up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The kids loved this and the two oldsters were allowed to ride up in the elevator! It’s 280 steps.

The “24” on Montparnarsse Tower is a hopeful message that Paris will get the Olympics in 2024.

Rooftop restaurant on the Champs

Alsace-Lorraine returns to France after WWI

The “Purely Paris” photo of the day is off the Champs where we stopped for dessert. This was a fun bunch of waiters singing “Happy Birthday” to a patron.

Stay cool,

L & B