Making the Best of a Rainy Day in Wichita

Dear Friends,

Thursday was our last day in Wichita and the rain didn’t mar our sightseeing or our spirits. Our dear friends Monica and Marlyn Eshelman have been great hosts. They have had everything planned to perfection. Bernie has been disappointed to find that most of his childhood landmarks have been replaced by decades of change. There’s a reason folks say that you can’t go home again, but oh my, the stories we’ve heard!

We leave Friday morning and are taking a different route this time…going south through Dallas. No more exciting mistakes hopefully!

Here’s our best pics from yesterday, most notably the local murals plastered all around the older section of Wichita’s art district and a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright home which is a must see. The pic at the top of the blog is just for fun. We found a hat shop!

Hope you enjoy!

L & B

Joan of Arc

Clock Tower with different sided sculptures telling the story of Wichita’s past

Tour of the prairie home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright…fabulous. It was an unexpected delight for all of us, especially Monica whose father was an architect in Wichita