The Guys and the Gals in Paris


Yesterday was a different kind of fun day.  The guys and the gals went their separate ways.  Peggy and I met for lunch at a neat little shop near St. Catherine’s Square called L’ÊtreAnge.  I didn’t have the camera so pulled some photos from last year along with their business card or Carte de Visite.  They serve very light, healthy lunches.  image image image image imageAfter that, we walked about twenty steps to a very nice nail shop to have side-by-side pedicures.  Again, no camera until after the fact.  So toes and feet aren’t the prettiest but you get the idea!


After our leisurely pedicure, we did some pretty major damage in the boutiques along the Marais area of rues St. Antoinne and Franc Bourgois.  Then off to the apartment for some rest, relaxation and snacks.

Bernie and Jim had their own fun day going to a new area in the 11th.  They were doing recon for an upcoming event tonight.  While there, they found Parc Belleville and Eglise Notre Dame de la Croix. And, oh, did I mention that they also stopped for a glass of Absinthe! image image image image image image image image image image

The funniest thing (which almost wasn’t funny) was running into a little barber shop/hair salon which had posted a haircut for 9 euros in the window.  Bernie had just that morning paid 24 euros.  He took a picture of the facade of the shop, and the folks went a little crazy, started waving their arms and one of the owners came running out saying “No, no, no!”  Bernie promised to delete the photo!  We can only assume a little paranoia around Paris after the recent Charlie Hebdo attack.

We all linked up back at our apartment for a nice, long discussion about politics.  Always invigorating, oui?

Today, Peggy and I are going to the fashion show at Les Galleries Lafayette at 3pm followed by a dinner and jazz concert tonight being performed by a friend of theirs.  So stay tuned and have a great day!

À bientôt,

Linda & Bernie