Christian Dior-Couturier Du Reve Exposition


Today’s post will be quite lengthy because we have a treat for you. Bernie’s son, James, very much wanted to see the Dior exposition that just opened in Paris as did I so we made that our Tuesday project. It was showing at Les Arts Decoratif which is part of the Louvre palace on rue de Rivoli. The title of the show, Couturier du Reve, means “Fashion Designer of Dreams.” The show didn’t open until 11am, and we were in the queue by 10:30. The line was slow, and we finally entered about 11:30 for an admission price of only 11 euros.

Here is the explanation about the show from their brochure:

It was as the French would say formidable..absolutely the best exhibit we’ve seen in our thirteen summers here. It was so beautifully designed, and I’m sure our photos will not convey all the visual stimulation of color, staging, form, development, and sheer exhaustive production of the House of Dior. One could easily spend four or five hours going through the exhibit.

There were crowds of people all trying to snap photos, like we were. We learned the history of Dior’s life, and the various forms of inspiration for his fashion ideas.

The entrance

A little history

This was Dior’s first creation and the very first dress in the exhibit.

More history

Dali’s inspiration

Harlequin outfit inspired by painting

More inspiration

Egyptian inspiration

A marvelous section of miniatures displayed samples or patterns, similar to doll clothes, of almost everything Dior designed. Also the shoes and the jewelry. Just amazing.

Next was a “dream gallery” much like a Monet garden with flowers suspended from the ceiling, then a section on his perfume, a section on the people who followed Dior after his death as head of the House of Dior, an atelier or workshop area which showed the muslin patterns, a section on photography and the impact of all the fashion magazines, movies, and designer dresses for famous people,

Princess Margaret

and then suddenly the grand finale in the massive gorgeous gallery.  It was breath-taking. My words falter in describing the wow factor in this room, where lighting and special projected photography created a dream world. Hopefully, the photos will tell the glorious story.

For you guys, Bernie was blown away, and he didn’t really want to go!

We concluded our lovely outing with lunch at Le Village near La Place de Madeleine.

Bernie’s Steak Tartare


Linda’s Belle Salade with fresh tomatoes, avocado, and cucumber in a basil sauce

James’ selection of artichokes, dried tomatoes, and asparagus

The “Purely Paris photo of the day” is a little girl waiting in line for the Dior exhibit who was standing right behind us!

Truly hope I haven’t exhausted your patience with all the photos, but they’re the next best thing to being here in Paris at this exhibit. Trust me, I have only shared about a third of Bernie’s and my photos.

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